Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Plotypus?

Plotypus was developed by Randy Lubin of Diegetic Games and Raph D'Amico, with the support of numerous friends and playtesters.

Can I buy a copy?

Plotypus isn't available in stores but you can print your own copy. The content is under a Creative Commons license that allows for free use and remixing, with a few caveats. You can download the game's PDF here.

The PDF is formatted for Print & Play Productions - an easy, inexpensive way to prototype games. Use standard size cards (2.5" x 3.5"), gloss stock, double sided, with the PDF uploaded as the Front (ignore the Back upload).

Download the Plotypus PDF

How can I hear about updates & news?

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How can I share feedback, ideas, etc?

We love feedback! Please email suggestions, playtest results, etc, to [email protected]

What inspired Plotypus?

There are already some excellent storytelling games. While they are fun to play, they tend to yield messy plots. We wanted to create a game that was both fun and that generated a great plot. While building the game, we drew from The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Save the Cat, and Story.

Can I create my own version?

We've licensed Plotypus under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. That means you can share and remix the game so long as you:

  • Give us credit
  • Don't make money
  • Distribute any remix under this same license

Can I sell the game?

You must have our explicit permission to sell the game. Please email us at [email protected]

What other storytelling games are fun?

We're big fans of:

You can see Randy's other games at Diegetic Games.