Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Plotypus?

Plotypus was developed by Randy Lubin of Diegetic Games, in collaboration with an anonymous designer and with the support of numerous friends and playtesters.

Can I buy a copy?

Plotypus isn't available in stores but you can print your own copy. The content is under a Creative Commons license that allows for free use and remixing, with a few caveats. You can download the game's PDF here.

The PDF is formatted for Print & Play Productions - an easy, inexpensive way to prototype games. Use standard size cards (2.5" x 3.5"), gloss stock, double sided, with the PDF uploaded as the Front (ignore the Back upload).

Download the Plotypus PDF

How can I hear about updates & news?

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How can I share feedback, ideas, etc?

We love feedback! Please email suggestions, playtest results, etc, to [email protected]

What inspired Plotypus?

There are already some excellent storytelling games. While they are fun to play, they tend to yield messy plots. We wanted to create a game that was both fun and that generated a great plot. While building the game, we drew from The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Save the Cat, and Story.

Can I create my own version?

We've licensed Plotypus under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. That means you can share and remix the game so long as you:

  • Give us credit
  • Don't make money
  • Distribute any remix under this same license

Can I sell the game?

You must have our explicit permission to sell the game. Please email us at [email protected]

What other storytelling games are fun?

We're big fans of:

You can see Randy's other games at Diegetic Games.