Hackers + Hustlers

A Silicon Valley (Mis)adventure

This is a rules-light tabletop roleplaying game that throws players into a high tech farce. It's set in near-future San Francisco where something has gone horribly / hilariously wrong.

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A High Tech Farce

It is the very near future. You are coworkers and roommates: running a startup out of an old Victorian in San Francisco, where you also live. Your founders went to Burning Man and refused to return. Malicious forces are at work.

Zero Prep, Rules Lite

Easy Character Creation

Just choose a style and a role and you're good to go!

Zero Prep

Random tables to make up an adventure on the fly.

Travel Friendly

Everything fits on one sheet of paper, single-sided!

Simple Rules

Only one stat and one type of roll - it's easy to learn!

Feature Comparison

A silly comparison chart of Hackers and Hustlers to real life.

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