RPG and Game Design Podcasts

Whether you’re interested in playing games or designing them, there’s a wealth of podcasts about the hobby. Here are some I recommend:

Actual Plays

  • One Shot Podcast: they have a well over a hundred recorded episodes featuring a diverse array of systems. The GM is very talented and the players are skilled improv’ers. This is a great way to check out systems.
  • Film Reroll: Comedians take a movie and start playing it as an RPG - inevitably goes off the rails in amazing ways

RPG Musing, Tip, and Analysis

Game Design

  • Design Games: Two seasoned RPG designers talking in depth about their craft
  • Modifier: Looks at hacking and modifying existing games (which is a form of game design)
  • Backstory: Interesting interviews with Game Designers


  • CoolGames Inc: Great improv comedy where two game critics design a new game on the spot

Let me know what other great podcasts are out there!