Diegetic Games has partnered with Techdirt to Kickstart a game! It’s called CIA: Collect It All and the Kickstarter page has tons more details. We fully funded in just two days and are currently near 150% of our goal.

CIA collect it all logo

The game is based on a recently declassified CIA training game called Collection: Deck. They use it to train their analysts and officers on the different types of information collection techniques. The files were released to the public through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and you can see the originals on Muckrock.

some sample cards from cia collect it all

It’s a competitive card game where players combine information tactics to combat international crises. I’ll also be designing a storytelling variant that uses the same cards.

Stay tuned for more details or back it on Kickstarter for all of the updates!

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