I’ve been working on a series of games inspired by the old game Exquisite Corpse in these games, players will collaborate to create settings, characters, and plots by building on each other’s ideas.

I started with the character version a few months back under the title Persona. Soon after I learned of an immensely popular JRPG of the same name - time for a rebrand! I’ve been toying with the name Premise for the entire series and renaming the initial game to Premise: Character. I still don’t love it so let me know if you have better suggestions.

This weekend I playtested Premise: Setting for the first time and it went really well. We generated some crazy and different settings and it all went pretty smoothly. Then, we picked one of our new settings and used it for a game of Premise: Character. We ignored the Epilogue field from the setting and jumped right in with character creation. The transition worked well and it was fun starting with a setting that we had developed.

I’ve already updated the drafts based on the playtest feedback and you can download the lasted drafts here:

Let me know if you have any feedback!