I’ve been hard at work on a multiple different games and it’s been a busy couple months outside of game design. This post will provide a quick update on both Premise and Make Haste! – hopefully I’ll be sharing news of other projects soon.


I’m still evaluating the best ways to take Premise to market. I’ve received a lot of good feedback and will like try several different channels. Next up, I’ll be expanding on the rules document, adding examples, and creating some custom templates for specific genres.

The core of the game won’t change much and you can still grab the current draft of Premise: Setting, Character, and Plot.

Make Haste!

I’ve run several playtests of my map-making game Make Haste! and each one has yielded valuable feedback. I’m starting to approach a local max of the rules and I might make try a few variants that are further afield. If you’re interested in playtesting, you can grab the current draft of Make Haste! – I’d deeply appreciate any feedback.

I’ll post back here with any new updates to these games and more. Until then, you can always email me at [email protected]

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