I haven’t decided what game I’m going to work on next but here are a few ideas that have popped into my head recently:

  • A worldbuilding game where you play designers of a knock-off Magic the Gathering and take turns creating funny / interesting card names and flavortext.
  • A larp where you play heroes hanging out in a tavern. Occasionally a subset head out on a quest and leave the room, quickly establish how it went, and then return to regale the others of their tale.
  • A tabletop game of rapid decision making where one player plays a monarch and the others are quickly throwing out dilemmas that need quick solutions. Likely with a super light (maybe Reigns inspired) mechanic for pacing how close the monarch is to being overthrown.
  • A melancholy game told from the perspective of ordinary people sharing where they were when a generation-defining event happens (e.g. Pearl Harbor, JFK Assassination).

I’ll post here if I playtest any of them!