For this year’s Roguelike Celebration, Raph D’Amico and I designed and ran Dungeon Court – a silly game about monsters and heroes bringing ridiculous cases before a judge. It went super well and we had a phenomenal set of players and judges.

You can watch the entire session on YouTube:

Roguelike Celebration is all about the roguelike genre of video games and the adjacent games and experiences it has inspired. I’ve been to a few in the past and it’s always a fun time full of interesting talks.

This year I reached out to the organizers to run something larp-y and they were excited to give me a slot. I iterated on a few ideas but ultimately got excited to work with Raph on a roguelike inspired hack of Jason Morningstar’s excellent game Ghost Court.

We had a lot of fun brainstorming different silly cases for Hero vs Hero, Hero vs Monster, and Monster vs Monster. Also, we expanded on the Ghost Court formula but having players choose random monster cards to pair with their cases – this added a bit more scaffolding for them to play the part and added some fun randomness to the cases.

The event itself went incredibly well – we were featured on the main stage and had a packed audience. The volunteer players and judges did a fantastic job and has the audience laughing the whole time. It was a treat to be able run it this way!

Again, the entire performance is on YouTube, go check it out: