I’m excited to share my latest game, written for Golden Cobra: Dawn of the Monster Invasion. In it you tell a silly monster movie spoof through six short speeches. 3-6 players, playable over video chat, no prep.

You can check it out now, online at monster.diegeticgames.com

cover of the game: a monster at a podium

Each round has three characters to choose from, that connect to the current arc of the story. Character cards have story suggestions to help inspire and inform the player’s speech.

Three character options for round 4: Monster Apologist, Conspiracy Theorist, and Greedy Profiteer

A screen shot of the Monster Apologist character card with suggestions for who they are and why the monster is maybe good, actually.

Instructions, play materials, etc are included in the custom-built website that syncs content across players. When one player clicks to advance to the next round, every player’s screen will update.

The web-app was fun to build and I had it populate the content by pulling from a Google Sheet. That made it super easy for me to iterate on the content without changing any code. I’m planning to open source it soon so other folks can easily make similar games.

The game itself draws on a few key inspirations:

  • Speech + Q&A format from Talking Dog Games forthcoming ‘No Further Questions’
  • Instructions on short cards from Alex Roberts ‘For the Queen’
  • Character creation from short pick-lists from Avery Alder’s Dream Askew / PBTA in general

I had a lot of fun making it – let me know if you get a chance to play!

And stay tuned for more info regarding the release of the underlying web-app – hopefully happening in the next few weeks