an interpretation of the map from the Hobbit in Hexmap

I’m thrilled to share a new Story Synth format: Hexmap. In this format, you can create and share maps made of hexes and players can move around on those maps.

Hexes contain custom icons or images that show up on the main map, which is scrollable and zoomable. Hexes can also contain extra information that is available under different circumstances: players are at that hex; players are looking at that hex without traveling there; someone is looking at that hex in facilitator mode.

A screenshot of the hexmap interface with fog of war

Maps can be visible to all or have a “fog of war” where some of the map starts hidden until players move closer. In facilitator mode, you can swap the hexes in realtime and change their visibility.

As with all Story Synth formats, it’s entirely powered from a Google Sheet. However, this format is only available on larger screens (no mobile devices for now).

This format was built off the earlier Hexflower format, which was co-designed with the incredible Raph D’Amico. His advice was indispensable extending Hexflower to this Hexmap format. Thanks Raph!

Hexmap is still in early beta so reach out if you have any questions, find any bugs, or have any suggestions!

Dungeon23 Template

With many designers excited to participate in Dungeon23, where you create a new bit of content each day for the entire year, there is also a 365 tile hex, with shaded regions for each month. Check out the Dungeon23 Hexmap template.

a screenshot of the 365 hexmap template for Dungeon23